TALENT – Attract | Engage | Retain

Talent war. Talent is it. Talent is the answer. However, we want to look at it, talent is what determines how a team, an organization, and a nation achieves the kind of performance and results that are desired. However, organizations and nations are facing a myriad of issues on the best way to manage and develop talents. Today’s leaders must design optimal strategies to manage the talents of today and the future. With the impact of covid19, the workplace has experienced significant shifts in the way organizations need to attract, engage, and retain talents. For organizations and nations, especially in Africa, where there is an increased drive for her citizens to emigrate to other nations in search of better opportunities, this has become an urgent national emergency for many of them. Remote working has also brought new dimensions into how organizational structures and job design are implemented. Also not left out is flexible working now being seen as the vogue. Amid these, developing talents have created new dynamics in how talents are managed. CTD2022 conference will focus on how team leaders, organizations and nations at large should attract, engage, and retain talents amid uncertainties and complexities that are plaguing businesses and nations.

There are ten tracks this conference will be focusing on:

  1. Emotional intelligence and decision making
  2. Technology application
  3. Project management
  4. Training delivery and facilitation
  5. Business insight
  6. Data and analytics
  7. Career and leadership development
  8. Talent strategy and management
  9. Diversity, cultural awareness, and inclusion
  10. Coaching and mentoring

What is LDNI?

The vision for LDN was born in May 2011 when 9 (nine) Nigerian professionals attended the Association of Talent Development (ATD formerly ASTD) conference in Orlando, Florida, and met at the conference. They talked about the seamless way with which the conference was organized and discussed how to bring the same passion from that conference to Nigeria and start something similar.

The LDNI creates a platform for the promotion of L&D practice in Nigeria and an avenue for continuous learning and development of its members through a structured learning approach covering the Talent Capability Model developed by the ATD. Our Vision is to create and enforce high professional and ethical standards for L&D practitioners contributing to the growth and development of our organizations and the Country at large.